IpX True North Podcast

Product Building with Complexity and Culture at the Core

August 11, 2022 IpX - Institute for Process Excellence Episode 18
IpX True North Podcast
Product Building with Complexity and Culture at the Core
Show Notes

In this IpX #TrueNorth Podcast, Sean Stavropoulos tells us how he turned passion into purpose as Co-founder/CTO of Boulevard. Sean shares the origin of Boulevard and the major roles that market research, product complexity, process development, and workplace culture played in developing a robust, adaptable product built for the best client experience.

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Bio: Sean Stavropoulos is co-founder and CTO of Boulevard, provider of the client experience platform used by more than 25,000 professionals in more than 2,000 salons, spas, and other self-care businesses across the US. In his role as CTO, Sean leads the company’s various technical teams while establishing its strategic product vision. Prior to co-founding Boulevard in 2016, Sean was vice president of engineering at Fullscreen, where he oversaw the technical design and development of the company’s core technology and payments products. His career also includes a stint as a systems engineer for Honeywell Aerospace. A resident of Los Angeles, CA, Sean holds a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.

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